This file contains an index of articles that appeared in Klamath Falls newspapers in the early 1900s. It is by no means an exhaustive index.
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NOTE: Issues of the Klamath Falls Evening Herald from February 1908 to December 1918 can be viewed and searched online through the Chronicling America Web site at the Library of Congress.


Klamath Falls newspapers, 1899-1909      

      Ross Sutton, Moray Applegate welcomed home from war, Aug. 17, 1899, Klamath Republican.

      U.S. government files suit against Jesse D. Carr Land Co., seeking to stop Carr from enclosing government land within fence, Klamath Republican, March 22, 1900, supplement.

      Congressman Tongue joins those voicing support for designation of Crater Lake as a national park, Klamath Republican, March 29, 1900, supplement.

      Soldiers' bodies exhumed "in splendid state of preservation" from Fort Warner, to be shipped to The Presidio," Klamath Republican, June 14, 1900.

      Progress during 1900 reviewed, Klamath Republican, Jan. 24, 1901, supplement.

      Construction of road from Medford to Pelican Bay raises concern about competition for trade of Wood River residents, Klamath Republican, May 16, 1901.

      Keno considered as site for power generation for Klamath Falls area, Klamath Republican, Aug. 1, 1901.

      Thousands visit Crater Lake and the huckleberry patch, Klamath Republican, Sept. 8, 1901.

      C.S. and R.S. Moore acquire 10,503 acres in Klamath County from Oregon Savings Bank, Klamath Republican, Oct. 10, 1901.

      Trial begins for James W. Brown, one of three men accused in May 31 lynching of five men at Lookout, Klamath Republican, Dec. 5, 1901.

      Judge Baldwin offers newspaper a tour of "The Fairgrounds," Oct. 16, 1902.

      Warner Valley residents seek ruling from state land board regarding ownership of their homes, Sept. 10, 1903, Klamath Republican.

      Two Indian boys, Pitt River Charlie and Fred Snider, burned to death in fire at Bonanza jail, Dec. 3, 1903, Klamath Republican

      One thousand sheep clubbed to death near Silver Lake, Feb. 11, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Joseph Arthur Bowdoin, publisher of the Klamath County Star, county's first newspaper, dies Feb. 14, 1904. Published the Star from May 10, 1884 until 1889. Obituary appears in the Feb. 18, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Klamath Falls city officers elected: Trustees: L.F. Willits, Frank Ward, B. St. Geo. Bishop, Alex Martin Jr., Geo. B. Hurn; recorder, C.C. Brower; treasurer, J.W. Siemens. March 17, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Steamer "Jesse" burns on Upper Klamath Lake, near Eagle Point, Sept. 22, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Government considers construction of irrigation project at south end of Goose Lake in Modoc County, Oct. 6, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Oversupply of potatoes in Klamath County, Oct. 13, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Sen. Charles Fulton speaks at the Opera House, Oct. 20, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Construction of sugarbeet processing factory proposed in Klamath Falls, Nov. 17, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      People of Klamath County declare in favor of government irrigation in mass meeting, Klamath Republican, Dec. 1, 1904, p2.

      Klamath Canal Co. makes offer for selling water for irrigation, in competition goverment plan for developing reclamation project, Dec. 22, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Slaughter of waterfowl protested, Dec. 22, 1904, Klamath Republican.

      Klamath Republican posts a circulation of 367, compared to 321 for the Express. Jan 12, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Wi-Ne-Ma steamboat launched on Upper Klamath Lake, Feb. 2, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Plantings for benefit of waterfowl proposed by B. St. Geo. Bishop and J.G. Pierce, Feb. 2, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Controversy over healthfulness of ice cut from Upper Klamath Lake, Feb. 9, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Experiment with sugarbeets show promising results, Feb. 9, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Klamath Canal Co. completes tunnel on Feb. 8, 1905. Brief on page 4, Feb. 9, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Gold discovered at Quartz Valley near Bly, March 2, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Midway Telephone and Telegraph Co. offers 24-hour telephone service. "Two rings for Central, and you can talk with the world any time day or night." O.B. Gates, manager. March 2, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Klamath Water Users Association incorporated, March 9, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Klamath Falls city officers elected: Trustees: L.F. Willits, Frank Ward, B. St. Geo. Bishop, Alex Martin Jr., Fred Shallock; recorder, C.C. Brower; treasurer, J.W. Siemens. March 16, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Experimental farm being established on west side of Klamath River, April 20

      Klamath Falls city officers elected: Trustees: L.F. Willits, Frank Ward, B. St. Geo. Bishop, Alex Martin Jr., Geo. b. Hurn; recorder, C.C. Brower; treasurer, J.W. Siemens. March 17, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Fire destroys Negley & Auble and the Alturas Plaindealer, damages Grand Hotel, in Alturas, Calif., April 20, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Interior Secretary Hitchcock approves Klamath Reclamation Project. Cost estimated at $4.4 million, May 8, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Sale of lots in White Lake City advertised, May 18, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      City council approves franchise for streetcar line, June 8, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Steamboat Klamath under construction, June 8, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Birth of Whitelake City, June 8, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Rev. Smith encounters opposition to evangelistic efforts, June 29, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Baptists announce plans for $3,000 church building, July 20, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Steamer Klamath is launched, Aug. 3, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      City Council President Martin voices opposition to allowing more saloons in Klamath Falls, Sept. 7, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Town of Clinton platted across Lost River from Merrill, Sept. 28, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Nearly quarter-million dollars spent on buildings in town, Oct. 19, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Wm. Wilson, Merrill, arrested after game wardens seize wagon load of ducks at Laird's Landing, Oct. 26, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Twenty-seven buildings destroyed by fire in downtown Alturas, Oct. 26, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Gov. Geo. Chamberlain visits Klamath, Nov. 9, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      New power plant to open on Link river, Nov. 16, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Annexation of Klamath County to California proposed, Nov. 23, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      S.O. Johnson acquires 10,000 acres of timberland in Klamath County, Nov. 30, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Public library opened at corner of Main and Second streets by Women's Club, Nov. 30, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Plans made for two brick buildings in Bonanza, Dec. 7, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Weyerhaeuser Syndicate buys timberlands in Klamath County, Dec. 14, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Sugarbeet analysis shows positive results, Dec. 21, 1905, Klamath Republican.

      Evan Reames announces plans to retire, Jan. 11, 1906, Klamath Republican

      Mason Davis Co. begins work on Klamath Project, March 15, 1906, Klamath Republican

      J.B. Lippincott, supervising engineer for the Klamath Project, asks city that no saloons be permitted within four blocks of the canal, so as to reduce "disorder," April 5, 1906, Klamath Republican

      History of events leading to Klamath Project recalled (Water Users Association votes to file corporation papers Feb. 20, 1905, first official meting held April 1, 1905), April 5, 1906, Klamath Republican

      First annual meeting of Klamath Water Users Association held April 7, 1906, Jerome P. Churchill, president, April 12, 1906, Klamath Republican

      Tracks for electric railway being laid, May 31, 1906, Klamath Republican

      City Council adopts ordinance prohibiting livestock from running at large, June 7, 1906, Klamath Republican

      City council orders saloons to close on Sundays, prohibits gambling on Sundays, July 5, 1906, Klamath Republican

      Southern Pacific buys California-Northeastern Railroad (assuring Klamath Falls will be on mail line between Portland, San Francisco), Aug. 23, 1906, Klamath Republican

      Steamer Ewauna sinks, Oct. 23, 1906, Klamath Republican

      Sugar beets a success, Nov. 8, 1906, Klamath Republican

     Baldwin Block completed, Dec. 6, 1906, p1.

      Shippington townsite planned beside Klamath Falls, Dec. 13, 1906, Klamath Republican

      Inland Empire Club formed, Alex Martin Jr., elected president, Dec. 20, 1906, Klamath Republican

      Henry E. Ankeny dies, Dec. 27, 1906, Klamath Republican

      Hotel planned for Midland, Dec. 27, 1906, Klamath Republican


      Baldwin block only four-story building in Southern Oregon, Feb. 28, 1907, p1.

      Major Worden buys old ME Church, donates it to city for library, April 18, 1907 Klamath Falls Express, p1.

      "Buy a lot in Midland!" (advertisement), Klamath Republican, April 25, 1907, p7.

      Eagles aerie organized, April 18, 1907 Klamath Falls Express, p1.

      Henley townsite to be formed, halfway between Klamath Falls and Merrill, excellent site for beet sugar factory, promoted by J.D. Carroll, May 16, 1907, Klamath Republican

      William H. Mills, developer of the Mills Addition, dies in San Francisco, May 30, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Main canal tunnel completed, May 30, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Stella Campbell edges out Louise Sargent in vote for most popular young lady in Klamath County, wins trip to Jamestown Exposition, April 4, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Screens ordered to keep fish from entering main canal, June 13, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Rt. Rev. C.J. O'Reilly speaks at dedication of Catholic Church, July 4, 1907, Klamath Republican

      First section of main canal completed under leadership of Archie Mason, dredge to be moved to Lower Klamath marsh for railroad work, July 18, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Interior Secretary Garfield visits Klamath Basin, July 25, 1907, Klamath Republican

      E.H. Harriman acquires resort at Rocky Point; comes for two-week visit, Aug. 15, 22, 29, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Beet sugar factory promoted, Oct. 31, 1907

      Box factory planned for Klamath Falls, Nov. 21, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Mt. Hebron predicted to become leading city of Butte Valley, Nov. 28, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Tule Lake draining through natural outlet, Nov. 28, 1907, Klamath Republican

      California-Northeastern to end season's railroad work at Mt. Hebron, Dec. 5, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Civic Federation formed to ensure enforcement of laws in the city, Dec. 26, 1907, Klamath Republican

      Joseph Conger (1831-1908) dies Feb. 1, 1908. Born in Indiana, came to Oregon in 1853 and to Linkville in 1873. Purchased property on Conger Avenue, engaged in raising fruit and buying furs. Died a bachelor. Left more than $70,000 to county school district, Feb. 1-2, 1908, Evening Herald

      Joseph Conger dies, Feb. 6, 1908 Klamath Falls Express, p4.

      McCornack home burns, Feb. 6, 1908 Klamath Falls Express, p4.

      Long Lake Lumber Co. mill at Keno destroyed by fire, March 12, 1908, Klamath Republican

      California Northeastern Railroad reaches Dorris, April 23, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Steamer Mazama launched on May 4, 1908, May 5, 1908, Evening Herald

      Facts about Klamath Project, May 6, 1908, Evening Herald.

      Remnant of Captain Jack's band of Modoc Indians to return to Oregon, June 4, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Prohibition takes effect in Klamath County on July 1, 1908 (July 1, 1908, Evening Herald)

      Indians gather at Clear Lake to gather young birds and eggs for food (July 1, 1908, Evening Herald)

      E.H. Harriman enjoys stay in summer home at Rocky Point, Aug. 10, 1908, Evening Herald

      First election held among residents of Klamath Indian Reservation, Aug. 20, 1908, Klamath Republican

      President Theodore Roosevelt sets aside national bird preserve on Lower Klamath Lake, Aug. 22, 1908, Evening Herald; Aug. 27, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Potatoes hold promise as profitable cash crop for Klamath Basin, Aug. 27, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Construction of Clear Lake dam authorized by Interior secretary, Aug. 27, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Work on Clear Lake dam begins, Sept. 3, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Fire destroys Pokegama, Sept. 4, 1908, (Klamath Republican, Sept. 10, 1908; Sept. 7, 1908 Evening Herald)

      Outlet of Tule Lake to be subject of government study, Sept. 21, 1908 Evening Herald

      Indian fish runways uncovered at bottom of Link River, Sept. 22, 1908 Evening Herald

      Sheep numbers in Lake County down from 300,000 to 100,000 head, says sheepman Dave Edler, Oct. 8, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Estimated 40,000 gallons of huckleberries picked on Huckleberry Mountain near Crater Lake, Oct. 20, 1908 Evening Herald; Oct. 22, 1908, Klamath Republican

      S.C. Graves buys Bonanza Bulletin from Bruce Allen, Oct. 24, 1908 Evening Herald

      Jas. Straw supplies city with locally grown celery, Nov. 19, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Dozen men arrested under city's option law (prohibition), Nov. 19, 1908, Klamath Republican

      Suckers (mullet) caught by Indians in Lost River near Bonanza, March 25, 1909, Klamath Republican

      Arbor Day at Public School, April 9, 1909, Evening Herald.

      Wampus community news, April 15, 1909, Republican.

      Half-interest in Altamont Ranch sold by R.S. Smith to J.D. Carroll (Altamont Dairy to continue operating), May 6, 1909, Klamath Republican

      First train arrives in Klamath Falls, on Southern Pacific line, May 27, 1909, Klamath Republican

      Hunting, fishing licenses required for the first time in Oregon, May 27, 1909, Klamath Republican

     Oldest grocery store sold (Shallock & Daggett sell to Shive), June 10, 1909, Klamath Republican.

      Auto service between Klamath Falls and Lakeview being planned, July 8, 1909, Klamath Republican

      Edward Henry Harriman dies, Sept. 16, 1909, Klamath Falls Express

      Seventy-five Bohemians arrive in Klamath County with intentions of settling lakeshore area near Merrill, Sept. 30, 1909, Klamath Republican

      Trout, salmon being caught in Link River, Oct. 14, 1909, Klamath Republican

      Steamer Lakeview grounded in Goose Lake with 58 passengers aboard, Sept. 23, 1909, Klamath Falls Express